I have been working as a freelance consultant since 2002, supporting and advising schools on the use of Apple technology for learning and teaching. In those days of course, there were no iPads and the technology landscape was very different to that of today. However, there were many schools who were looking to Apple technology to develop a more creative and productive curriculum for their learners and I spent a lot time working with schools on digital creativity projects.

Over the past 12 years my work has developed in tandem with changes in technology and now much of my time is spent in schools exploring the educational potential of the iPad. This device has literally transformed the learning experiences and processes for many in education and it still feels like we are at the beginning of its impact.


Ian Wilson



I created the iPad in Education web site when the iPad was introduced to the UK (May 2010) and it has proved a popular and useful resource to schools and teachers. You can visit the site here: iPad in Education. There are pages outlining why the iPad has been so successful in schools, as well as a wide range of apps listed by curriculum area.